Saving Water in Sydney’s Parks

Saving Water in Sydney’s Parks

The City of Sydney has committed to ambitious water reduction targets for all aspects of operations as part of its ‘Water Blueprint’. This presents a particular challenge to the parks team as they try to manage a large number of high-profile high-traffic areas. BMT WBM has been assisting the City of Sydney by investigating water use patterns at the largest water-consumption parks, and developing cost-effective ways to reduce water usage.

The City already has an effective system for managing soil, turf and irrigation infrastructure – but keeping track of water system losses is complicated, particularly in the older parts of the CBD. Each site was assessed carefully - billing and asset records were used in conjunction with flow monitoring, site inspections and discussions with parks staff, contractors and Sydney Water. Significant opportunities were identified including incorrectly allocated water meters, some hidden leaks, and correction of anomalies in existing harvesting and irrigation control systems. Potential water savings are large and recommendations can be implemented easily and with short payback periods.

City of Sydney’s project manager commented “The qualifications, experience and professionalism of BMT WBM, and in particular Adam Jones, ensured that the contract was delivered on time and to a very high standard of service and reporting. The high level of communication and collaboration is also to be noted and any requirements or queries were addressed in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to partner with BMT WBM for this contract.”


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