Moreton Bay Models

Moreton Bay Models

Moreton Bay is one of Queensland’s most important coastal resources, supporting a range of services including fishing, tourism and shipping. It is also a key ecological resource and as such has been carefully managed since the mid-1990s. In collaboration with Healthy Waterways, BMT WBM has recently developed 13 sets of linked catchment, hydrodynamic, and water quality models that represent Moreton Bay and its estuaries.

Development of the modelling framework was both a technological and scientific challenge, as it incorporated eWater’s Source catchment software, BMT WBM’s in-house three dimensional hydrodynamic engine, TUFLOW FV, and University of Western Australia’s water quality model, AED². Use of our high-performance computer allowed for inclusion of a greater degree of spatial resolution than would otherwise be possible, resulting in models that resolve a range of important, but spatially contrasting natural features.

More broadly, the suite represents a leap forward in the use of modelling in the region for a number of reasons, not least because a mix of models and monitoring will be used in the production of Healthy Waterways’ annual Report Card for the first time. The 2015 Healthy Waterways Report Card will be released on Thursday 22 October at four launch events held simultaneously across South East Queensland. The Report Card helps understand and communicate the condition and benefits of South East Queensland's waterways, as well as the actions we undertake to protect and improve them. Find out more on the Healthy Waterways website

Healthy Waterways and their members will now be able to use the models to assess the link between proposed management actions and water quality outcomes in the region. This will help to inform future environmental policy and the direction of investment in Southeast Queensland for years to come.


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