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Tony McAlisterWelcome to the latest edition of the BMT WBM Water and Environment newsletter.

In accordance with our stated company objective of continuous improvement and of applying the latest technology to best effect in our service delivery, we have upgraded the way in which we will be delivering our newsletters from now on. We are now essentially embedding the newsletter within our website, thereby enabling you, our valued reader, to be both more selective in those articles which you choose to read and also providing a central repository of newsletters going forward. Hence, at any stage in the future should you wish to return to any newsletter for whatever reason to refresh your memory on previous articles, that will be possible. I trust you will enjoy the new format. Of course if at the same time you manage to browse through our website and learn more about BMT WBM, then that is hopefully an added bonus to us both.

By way of content, this newsletter addresses the usual cornucopia of projects, service delivery, software enhancements, promotional and new appointment news that we trust you find of interest. Of particular value to our Australian readers may be several of the international flood service provision related articles provided by Matt Roberts from the UK and Chris Huxley from the US.

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Tony McAlister,
Managing Director,
Water & Environment Group