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120  x 160 Issue 2-2015

Issue 2, 2015

Welcome to our second edition of W&E News for 2015. I am pleased to report that the Water and Environment Group (WEG) is embarking on several initiatives that will help us remain client-focused and agile in our markets. The WEG has now established a dedicated Software Business Unit. This Business Unit will be responsible for enhancing and growing our software services nationally and internationally, to support our consulting projects and also for growing our commercial software sales.

We now have a formal Technology and Innovation Manager position and a formal Business Development Manager position, and will shortly be appointing dedicated Market Lead positions to enable us to target our efforts on key market sectors. We are also undertaking some structure enhancements within our Queensland office, which includes appointing a new Assistant Business Unit Manager for that office. Exciting times ahead. We are keen to ensure that the WEG continues to provide the best offering to our clients and we always value your thoughts and feedback on how we can better serve your needs into the future.

We propose to deliver future editions of the W&E News more regularly, but with a focus on specific market areas, viz: water quality; flooding; coastal & metocean, and environment. This edition of our News highlights a selection of some of the fascinating projects being undertaken across our offices. I trust that you enjoy the articles presented. On a personal note, the Solomon Islands Climate Change Adaptation Project we completed last year has drawn more media attention, this time from The Age, with a wonderful article about the people of Taro Island and the importance of the Project to their future livelihood. See the interactive article here: http://www.theage.com.au/interactive/2015/the-vanishing-island/.

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