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WEG Newsletter 2, 2014

Issue 2, 2014

Welcome toour latestWater and EnvironmentMagazine. Despite the challenging trading conditions that are prevalent in the engineering and environmental consultantmarket at themoment, BMTWBM continues to deliver on a rangeof outstanding and highly innovativeprojects. The value offeringof BMTWBM relates to the quality, robustness and client-focus of our work. This iswhy our consulting services are increasinglybeing sought out todo themoredifficult and challengingprojects, someof which are showcased for you in this edition of ourmagazine. It has beenwith absolutepleasure for mepersonally toundertake the Solomon Islands Climate Change Adaptation Plan (see page12), with project partnersBuckleyVann town planning and theUniversity of Queensland, onbehalf of the AustralianGovernment.

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