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  • September 2012

    Welcome to our September 2012 BMT WBM Machinery Magazine. The release of this edition coincides with this year’s MINExpo International in Las Vegas. Preparing our involvement at MINExpo brought us to reflect on the wide range of services and products BMT WBM provides to the mining industry.

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  • August 2012

    This edition of our newsletter features some very interesting projects we are currently working on.This includes a review of coastal at-risk assets in NSW, a review of integrated urban water management in Melbourne an ecological assessment for a new coal mine in Queensland

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  • May 2012

    This edition of our magazine presents a range of current projects and showcases many of the skill sets held by BMT WBM. This includes coastal modelling, stormwater management , fish monitoring and water efficiency. We also provide some personal insights into the future of climate change adaptation

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  • Issue 4, 2012

    Federal parliament is soon expected to adopt the first ever Murray-Darling River plan. This plan aims to provide a more equitable balance of the basin’s valuable water supply between commercial and environmental interests.

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  • February 2012

    This edition of our W&E Magazine provides some interesting perspectives into the future of floodplain management. It also presents findings of some recent interesting BMT WBM projects, including monitoring of dredge spoil in Gladstone, rehabilitation of an acid-sulfate soils hotspot and ecosystem

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