BMT WBM Delivers Brisbane Flood Study and Awarded Floodplain Management Plan


The long-anticipated Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study has now been released to the public by the Queensland Government. Undertaken by BMT WBM over the past 2 years, the Flood Study sets a new benchmark for detailed riverine flood studies in Australia, and arguably across the globe. The leading-edge hydraulic modelling, using BMT WBM’s TUFLOW software, was successfully calibrated to thousands of flood marks and hundreds of gauged hydrographs from five historical floods. Of special note is the Monte Carlo analysis, simulating some 11,340 floods, to more confidently estimate probability-based design events that account for catchment wide rainfall variations and operation of Wivenhoe Dam flood gates.

BMT WBM is now delivering the next stage of the project, which is a regional Brisbane River Strategic Floodplain Management Plan. The Plan uses an ISO 31000:2009 risk-based approach to define the existing and future flood risk. With input from specialist sub-consultants, BMT WBM’s Strategic Floodplain Management Plan will detail various strategies for managing flood risk to an affected population of up to about 500,000. These strategies will include structural measures (e.g. levees, floodgates etc.), disaster management responses, strategic land use planning guidance, community resilience and integrated catchment management. The Plan will be delivered to the Queensland Government by the end of 2017.

BMT WBM Delivers Brisbane Flood Study and Awarded Floodplain Management Plan 2

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