Water Quantity and Quality Control

BMT WBM is an industry leader in water quantity and quality control

BMT WBM is an industry leader in water quantity and water quality control. As authors of TUFLOW, former industry partner to eWater and extensive project experience, we are able to provide an unparalleled level of expertise to our public and private sector clients.

A key component of the responsible management of our water resources is the protection and enhancement of environmental hydrology and water quality.BMT WBM has a long track record in the development of solutions for the protection of environmental water quality and the management of the urban water cycle. We have strong skills in the management of urban and environmental systems, including downstream receiving aquatic environments.  We apply state of art numerical models to these types of applications (including holistic Total Water Cycle Management Studies), many of which we have developed in house or in direct collaboration with university researchers. 

Recent Relevant Projects

Woodlands Water Quality and Quantity Control (Queensland)

‘Woodlands’ is a master-planned community extending over 138ha, near Logan City in South East Queensland.   BMT WBM has been heavily involved in the planning, design and implementation of an integrated water management strategy for this multi award-winning master-planned community.

Springfield Lakes Water Quality Management (Queensland)

Since 2001, BMT WBM has been heavily involved in providing ongoing water quality advice for the master-planned community.  Services have included water quality monitoring, lake water quality management advice, and the design and implementation of various stormwater quality management solutions throughout the project. 

Pimpama River Catchment & Stormwater Management Plan (Queensland)

This project involved assessing the existing state of the catchment and identifying key pressures and impacts (including waterway ecosystem health assessments, riparian vegetation assessments, community and stakeholder consultation, and water quality and quantity modelling).  BMT WBM also subsequently developed an overall action plan for the catchment which identified a set of prioritised management actions for the catchment.