Water Efficiency, Auditing and Smart Metering

BMT WBM offers a multidisciplinary team with skills in water and energy efficiency auditing and demand management strategies. We have undertaken more than 100 water audits of commercial sites and provide training in demand management.

We also conduct industry leading research into new water use areas. Numerous BMT WBM projects have resulted in a real reduction in water use by an average of 40%. In some instances, with a combination of efficiency improvements, leak repairs and using non-potable supplies, savings of over 80% have been achieved. The key to our ability to deliver these outcomes is a dedication to developing innovative solutions and an excellent relationship with each and every client.

Our water efficiency audits involve:

  • Preparing a comprehensive water balance;
  • Identifying leakage and inefficient usage;
  • Assessing options for water efficiency improvement based on water savings and return on investment; and
  • Concept design of efficiency solutions.

In our water efficiency audits, BMT WBM utilise leading edge technology including remote data loggers installed on the mains water meter and any sub-meters to identify actual real time water use via a secure web server.  This 'smart' metering is the only way to properly identify leakage and accurately account for water usage throughout the site.

BMT WBM has developed a web-based water flow monitoring and presentation system which allows for affordable, accurate and fast monitoring of water flow, which is accessible to any user anywhere.  The web-based data analysis features can be tailored to suit the application, as well as integrated with an existing building management system, and the data can be exported to other analysis software.  The smart metering also allows quantification and proof of real world savings.

Additionally, we can ccomplement water efficiency auditing with in-house energy efficiency auditing and HVAC assessments to provide a total building services efficiency appraisal and offer recommendations for reducing usage, reducing costs and increasing rets for building kenets/ through an increase in star rating.

Our experience covers:

  • Pools
  • Parks
  • Public facilities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Office buildings and residential towers
  • Sporting facilities
  • Council buildings and workshops