Databases and Knowledge Management Systems

Knowledge management is expensive. BMT WBM has established applications to assist with data and knowledge management in a variety of areas, including Port Management, Land and Asset Management and Flood Warning Systems.

BMT WBM have a proven track record in the development of integrated applications within commercial GIS environments.  Our abilities in this area have lead to clients requesting our services beyond our core business area. We have established applications to assist with data management in a variety of areas, including:

  • Port management
  • Land and asset management
  • Flood warning systems
  • Integrated water quality databases
  • On-site sewerage decision support model
  • Flood warning system
  • Soil facet derivation
  • ‘Meta’ databases and data management tools

GIS Spatial Services and Data Base

BMT WBM developed a site specific Geographic Information System (GIS). The database assists staff to increase use, improve functionality and realise the value of Alcan’s GIS data.

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PCQ Spatial Data System

The PCQ-Map system developed by BMT WBM maximises the value of spatial information owned by the Corporation, stores it in a central location via strict data management protocols, and analyses and manipulates data to assist PCQ operations.

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Red Sea GIS Spatial Data Base

BMT WBM compiled a searchable GIS database of all relevant information of the Red Sea for subsequent as needs interrogation by NPC staff.

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