Flood Forecasting

BMT WBM is experienced in reviewing, improving and developing flood warning systems which integrate flood information and provide timely warnings to the community.

Our flood warning services include review of existing gauge networks, development of relationships between gauge triggers and on the ground outcomes, and installation of integrated flood warning systems.

Flood studies and floodplain risk management studies provide essential information to assist with flood planning, however, many councils have difficulty knowing how to respond as a flood approaches.

BMT WBM can offer a wide range of services to help councils interpret flood warnings for their local catchments and relate real-time information, such as stream gauge heights and rainfall, to on the ground actions, such as issuing warnings to the community, closing roads or initiating evacuations.

Recent Relevant Projects

Brisbane City Council Flood Warning System Review (Queensland)

In addition to the Brisbane River, the Brisbane City Council local government area includes many creeks prone to flash flooding events. These creeks can rise very quickly, closing roads, inundating properties and putting lives at risk. BMT WBM recently reviewed Council’s existing flood warning system which is used to alert residents of creek flooding. The review identified potential improvements to the system, such as the inclusion of a flood forecasting system and integration of flood information in a user-friendly map format. The review consulted a wide range of flood warning experts from the Bureau of Meteorology, SEQ Water, University of Technology Sydney and other engineering firms.

Newcastle City Flash Flood Warning System (NSW)

Following widespread flash flooding in 2007, Newcastle City Council engaged BMT WBM to design a City-wide flash flood warning system to provide timely warnings to the community in case of future events. Flash flooding has a rapid onset, can cause widespread inundation and damage to property, and pose a serious risk to human safety. The flash flood warning system integrates information from rainfall and stream monitoring gauges with rainfall forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology.  To date, rainfall and river level monitoring equipment has been installed as part of the overall Flood Warning System.

January 2011 Avoca and Loddon Flood Intelligence (Victoria)

During the January 2011 floods, BMT WBM provided intelligence and interpretation of available flood information on the Loddon, Avoca and Murray Rivers in North West Victoria. Flooding on these river systems was unprecedented and beyond the range of historical experience in one of Australia’s most complicated river systems.  BMT WBM provided real time assessment of the available information including satellite and aerial photography, the gauging station network, and reports from on the ground. Information from these assessments was provided to a number of emergency services and Government agencies to better enable them to plan for future impacts of the floods and assist the clean-up and recovery process.