Emergency Response

Emergency response planning uses information from computed models in conjunction with emergency procedures and guidelines to help emergency response organisations and local governments better plan for and respond to natural disasters.

Some of the more difficult tasks faced by emergency managers are predicting the ability of a community to evacuate safely and know how to optimise the evacuation process.

BMT WBM has developed a specialised TUFLOW output which identifies when and where roads first become flooded.  This information can be integrated with a BMT WBM developed evacuation planning model or used to inform traditional evacuation timeline assessments.

Depending on the required end-use, information can be provided in a range of formats, such as animations, inundation mapping, dynamic evacuation modelling, evacuation route inundation and linkages between stream height gauges and building floor levels.

During flood events, emergency managers and Councils are required to synthesise a wide range of predicted and real-time rainfall and stream height data and use this information to inform flood emergency decisions.  BMT WBM has experience providing support at incident controls centres by interpreting flood intelligence, advising of likely flood impacts and preparing flood warning communications.

Recent Relevant Projects / Features


EvacFlow is a GIS-based program that assists local governments and emergency services estimate the community’s ability to evacuate during a natural disaster.  Integrating dynamic inundation behaviour with large networks of evacuation routes and evacuation procedures allows planners and emergency personnel to get a big picture view of the emergency process and identify key constraints which can be improved before the next disaster.

 Linking Stream Gauge Information

A new TUFLOW feature provides warning times and gauge levels for specific properties in flood affected areas.  This powerful feature provide Councils with practical information on what a gauge height flood warning means to their residents and most importantly, what action may need to be taken.