Water Environment CFD

BMT WBM is highly experienced to assist engineers with a variety of specialist CFD water environment assessments.

BMT WBM have capabilities to assist applications associated with waste water treatment facilities, dam spillways, sewage dispersion in receiving waters, sediment transport and river erosion.

Each of these applications involve complex physical processes such as turbulence, chemical reactions, heat and mass transfer, and multiphase interactions, which can all be modelled collectively to give a more complete and accurate picture of environmental impacts.

BMT WBM expertise in water flow analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for various water environmental applications includes.

  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Coastal and Marine Energy


Environmental Impact Analysis

BMT WBM provides a comprehensive range of environmental CFD consulting services in support of environmental monitoring and management, understanding  environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.

Environmental Impacts, such as water pollution, erosion and siltation, and the construction of man-made hydraulic structures can be investigated using CFD. Using virtual modelling helps to protect the environment, prevent costly mistakes and to minimize design risks while allowing for greater innovation.

Furthermore, BMT WBM integrates environmental expertise with mechanical knowhow to support a variety of sustainable solutions and environmental challenges. From marine installations that provide shelter for marine ecology to assessments of gas pipelines intended to perform in extreme environments.  BMT WBM’s services can profoundly influence your project outcome's.

BMT WBM’s specialty services for environmental CFD impact analysis include:

  • Pollution control and water quality management
  • Flood water management – collection, storage, transport and discharge
  • Flushing, dredge plumes and sediment transport 
  • Reservoirs dynamics – including sedimentation, stagnation and flow short circuiting
  • River flow impact analysis for bridges, piers and pontoons
  • Riverbed scouring investigation and rock fill scenario optimization
  • Storm water weir and overflow system design optimization
  • Desalination plant water facility design support
  • Fish passes and cave wave impact analysis

Drinking Water Treatment 

Within the drinking water industry, BMT WBM has assisted project engineers, design engineers and system engineers to validate designs and forecast which changes in design are most vital for improving performance.

Typical CFD applications are aimed at minimizing the risk of malfunction or over/under design during the concept and component design stage. CFD is used, for example, in the assessments of disinfectant mixing designs, UV treatment systems, ozone treatment designs and flow optimisation for existing and new drinking water treatment systems.

BMT WBM has experience in aeration, digesters, screens, separators, membranes filters, clarifiers, pump stations, clear water tank and balance tanks. CFD is a fast, accurate and cost-effective engineering tool that provides detailed understanding and visualisation of the physical flow problem and rapid evaluation of design alternatives.

BMT WBM’s CFD services in the drinking water industry include:

  • Numerical tracer testing
  • Chlorine, Lime, Fluoride mixing design evaluation
  • Ozone and UV treatment system flow analysis
  • Residence Time Distribution (RTD) prediction and control
  • Ct, Rt and Inactivation of microorganisms prediction
  • 3rd part review on water treatment system flow design
  • Flow analysis related to Monitoring and Detection 

Waste Water Treatment

Within the waste water industry, BMT WBM assisted project engineers, design engineers and system engineers to validate designs improve the performance efficiencies and solve critical and complex flow problems.

Typical CFD applications are aimed at minimizing the risk of malfunction or over/under design during the concept and component design stage. Such examples include assessments of underground sewer transfers, sewage pump stations, and waste water process and treatment designs. CFD has also been used for detailed mixing and settling performance evaluations and for determining flow optimization for existing and new waste water treatment systems.

BMT WBM is able to deliver the diverse engineering simulation capabilities needed to help wastewater companies optimise their process technologies, equipment and overall performance. Our services include:

  • 3rd part review on waste water treatment system flow design
  • Modelling fluid flows from treatment outlets into larger bodies of water
  • Underground waste water channel flow analysis
  • Waste water pump station and tank flow analysis
  • Mixing tanks 
  • Surface scum and Floating debris accumulation investigation for waste water treatment plants
  • Dead spots and stagnation zones identification for waste water treatment plants

Coastal and Marine Energy

BMT WBM  provides a broad range of specialist services to support a number of renewable energy technologies. Our core services include feasibility and preliminary concept studies to improve product viability and performance by assessing the technical merit of a renewable energy devices and for pioneering innovative design ideas.

BMT WBM’s CFD design validation services combines the skill of multi-disciplinary engineering with advanced analysis tool. The purpose of such studies is to produce significant analysis results which can act as validated predictions based on available mathematical numerical models. The result benefits  to clients included,  increased design confidence, better understanding of  predicted design behaviours, reductions  in design errors and  increase in product  performance.

The informative and visual 3D CFD results greatly assisted engineers and designers make rapid and robust scientific decisions. This saved potential re-construction costs, improved performances and minimized risks during operations.

BMT WBM’s specialty modelling capability is very broad and our experience include the following service areas:

  • Renewable energy device 3rd party technical review 
  • Ocean tidal turbine development support
  • Energy Efficient Ship Hull Design
  • Sea water intake system design support