Catchment Modelling

Catchment and waterway management requires a thorough understanding of catchment hydrology and pollutant export characteristics.

BMT WBM are recognised industry leaders in catchment modelling, and regularly provide catchment managers with the necessary expertise to make informed decisions on catchment and land usage management activities.

Recent Relevant Projects

Gold Coast City Council Sustainable Loads Study (Queensland)

BMT WBM undertook a study of the major estuarine waterways connected to the Gold Coast Broadwater to develop and link rigorous catchment and waterway models to enable a thorough understanding in regard to how loads enter the Gold Coast waterways and translate into resultant water quality levels.  The models developed by BMT WBM allow Council to define the degree of management intervention required to see the waterways of the Gold Coast move towards a sustainable load situation.

Botany Bay Catchment Land Use Management Options Assessment (NSW)

BMT WBM developed catchment models to assess a wide range of management options for the Botany Bay catchment.  The models provide rapid feasibility and effectiveness assessments of various management scenarios for the land uses within the catchment to achieve defined environmental values for the Bay. 

Mount Lofty Ranges Catchment Modelling (SA)

The Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia contain numerous water storages used to supply water to Adelaide.  Catchment modelling by BMT WBM has assisted in the management of these storages by providing an improved predictive capability to determine the impacts of potential land use changes within these areas.